The Weekly Summary

Gay-SCOTUSJune 24th – June 30th  

In general news, President Obama was still traveling outside the country as the domestic scandals increased. In addition to Edward Snowden leaking about NSA tactics, a high-ranking general is now being investigated for leaking the story of the Stuxnet computer hacking used to sabotage Iranian nuclear facilities. A heat wave blasted the country with temperatures up to 130 degrees. The SCOTUS ruled in favor of gay marriage on two separate cases, and the first half of the year ended in the markets with healthcare performing the best. June was the first losing month of the year as The Fed’s QE free money era is coming to an end.

In healthcare business news, junk foods and sodas will be removed from schools. Pfizer (PFE) announced a $10 Billion-share buyback. Also, Onyx (ONXX) shares spiked on rumors of a takeover by struggling Amgen (AMGN).

On the data front, Isis (ISIS) shares spiked after ISIS-APOCIII decreased LDL in diabetics. GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) GLP-1 diabetes drug, albiglutide, failed in a head-to-head trial against Takeda’s Actos. Also, The struggling blood thinner Eliquis, marketed by PFE and BMY, posted good data in the prevention of DVT.

From the FDA, Novartis’ (NVS) Serelaxin, to treat heart failure, is the latest drug to win Breakthrough status. A new treatment for hot flashes was approved, to be called Brisdelle (low dose paroxetine), sold by Noven Pharma. Baxter (BAX) received approval for Rixubis to treat Hemophilia B. Cell Therapeutics (CTIC) was set back with tosedostat. Lastly, in European regulatory news, Halozyme (HALO) shares spiked when new subcutaneous versions of Roche’s Herceptin were given a positive recommendation.

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