The Weekly Summary

NYT-headlines-after-FergusonNovember 24th – November 30th

In the general news, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was pushed over disagreements with the Obama administration foreign policy team. In the U.S., riots all over the country broke out in response to the decision by the prosecutor in Ferguson, Missouri, to not charge the police officer who killed the unarmed Michael Brown.

In healthcare business news, the Thanksgiving week halted most news flow. UniQure’s (QURE) first-ever gene therapy was priced to exceed $1 Million per patient.

From the FDA, Biogen Idec’s (BIIB) Tecfidera MS drug was also slapped with a PML warning in the label, like their other drug, Tysabri. Bristol’s (BMY) HCV drug daclatasvir was rejected. Avanir’s (AVNR) migraine drug-device AVP-825 was also rejected. Lastly, congress is working on legislation to curb the authority of the FDA to regulate medical software.

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