The Weekly Summary

Left: GOP congressman Scalise shot by assassin, Right: London slum fire

June 12th – June 18th                                 2017

In general news, overseas, a London low-income high-rise tower became an inferno, killing scores of mostly Muslim immigrants. Russia claimed to kill a leader of ISIS. In the U.S., a group of House and Senate Republicans were targeted by a far-left Bernie Sanders supporter and gunned down with an assault rifle as they practiced for a baseball game. President Trump flew to Miami to announce that he was canceling the Obama orders lifting sanctions on Cuba. Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the senate about his role with the Russians. 200 Democrats in congress sued President Trump claiming he had not properly separated his business interests from the office. The Fed raised interest rates again. Finally, Amazon acquired Whole Foods.

In healthcare business news, a White House task force on drug costs seems to be ready to give Big Pharma what they want. Also, Cigna (CI) can begin again to participate in Medicare part D after being sanctioned.

On the date front, Merck (MRK) stopped enrolling in a Keytruda study after deaths.

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