The Weekly Summary

July 1st – June 7th                                 2019

In general news, the US women won the soccer World Cup. California suffered some earthquakes. Jeffrey Epstein, the man who ran an underage prostitution ring that served the wealthy and powerful, was arrested again, 12-years after the Miami prosecutors covered it up. This time, the SDNY is handling it. President Trump staged the first military parade on July 4th filling the entire National Mall. June created a strong 224,000 jobs, and Trump’s approval was at all-time highs.

In healthcare news, former Patriots linebacker Teddy Bruschi suffered another stroke, likely caused by a PFO.

In healthcare business news, drug companies are still raising prices, defying Trump. Also, Chip Skowron, the convicted felon for insider-trading biotech, got a puff-piece article in Vanity affair trying to reform his image as a man who found god.

From the FDA, former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb was blasted for taking a job at Pfizer.

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