The Weekly Summary

July 8th – June 14th                                 2019

In general news, Hurricane Barry hit the Gulf in July as storms form earlier and earlier. Manhattan suffered a blackout ICE began “raids” of big cities looking for illegal aliens already with orders from courts to be deported. Mayor de Blasio was AWOL in Iowa. An Antifa terrorist was shot by police for attempting to bomb an ICE center. President Trump hosted a White House summit on the problems of social media censoring conservatives. Labor Secretary Acosta was ousted for his role in covering up the Jeff Epstein case in Florida. Lastly, stock markets hit new record highs with even the beleaguered healthcare sector rallying.

In healthcare news, Mount Carmel Hospital fired 23 people and the CEO was ousted in the wake of the rogue doctor who killed dozens with opioid overdoses.

In healthcare business news, a criminal probe was opened into JNJ’s handling of talcum powder risks. Trump’s attempt to have TV drug ads reflect pricing was blocked by a judge. The plan to end the drug-rebate scams was cancelled. He then signed an executive order making it easier to get a renal transplant. Lastly, Gilead Sciences (GILD) paid $5.1 billion for more shares in Galapagos NV (GLPG).

On the data front, a study confirmed that most newly approved drugs add little benefit. Also, another study found that psychiatric diagnosis are manmade, arbitrary, and scientifically meaningless.

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