The Weekly Summary

July 29th – August 4th                                 2019

In general news, anti-government protests continued in Russia and Hong Kong. Osama bin Laden’s son, and heir to the terrorist franchise, was killed. Also, North Korea fired off more missiles to taunt President Trump as the trade war with China heats up.

In the States, three mass shootings have taken place over the last week. The California “Garlic Festival” shooting was last weekend. This weekend, dozens were killed in El Paso. It what is clearly a racially motivated anti-Hispanic crime. Then, hours later, at least 9 were killed in Dayton, Ohio. Also, on the left of the political spectrum, Antifa is violent as well, as are gangs in the cities emboldened by Democrat mayors and prosecutors. The nation is in a second Civil War.

Meanwhile, the economy could not be any better. A record number of Americans had a job in July, but the Fed cut interest rates due to pressure from President Trump. The trade war with China is starting to slow the U.S. GDP growth.

In healthcare news, CRISPR gene editing will be used on a U.S. human for sickle-cell. In Japan, human and animal-host genes will be combined in some ill-conceived slippery-sloped plan to grow organs that will not be rejected by humans. Also, an essay argued that the psychiatric profession needs to be overhauled.

In healthcare business news, HHS announced plans to allow the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada. It also posted the rules requiring more transparency in hospital billing, that will go into effect in 2020. Notably, lucrative procedures for hospitals, such as knee replacement and coronary stents, will now be allowed to be performed in doctor-owned outpatient facilities, which will cost CMS less.

On the data front, GlycoMimetics (GLYC) to treat sickle-cell shares fell as Pfizer (PFE) failed in phase 3 trials.

From the FDA, Bayer and Orion won approval for Nubeqa to treat prostate cancer.

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