The Weekly Summary

March 16th – March 22nd                                 2020

In the general news, coronavirus literally halted the global economy in many ways. However, in China, they claim that no new cases were diagnosed. In Italy, where the virus has hit the hardest (assuming the Chain data are remotely reliable), the number of new cases plateaued. In North America, the U.S. and Canada closed borders. States with the biggest cities started a domino effect of overreacting. One stricter step after the other culminated in home-quarantine in New York, California, Ohio, and Illinois. President Trump followed with his own drastic measures, enacting the Defense Production Act and having congress prepare a $1.3 trillion stimulus package. In politics, Democrat candidates Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were silent during the crisis.

In healthcare news, the current coronavirus death rate is 1.2% and falling as mor people are tested. Approximately 400 people have died, compared to 23,000 who have died from the flu this season. President Trump and his FDA approved malaria and arthritis drug chloroquine to use against the virus, and made Gilead’s (GILD) experimental drug remdesivir available for compassionate use. The White House also ordered the military to start building temporary hospitals.

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