The Weekly Summary

May 11th – May 17th                                 2020

In the general news, other than the pandemic that dominated the news, the old partisan political themes sprouted anew. The Democrat judge overseeing the General Flynn prosecution took the unprecedented step of not dismissing the case despite the prosecutors dropping charges. When the DOJ dropped the charges, it triggered President Obama himself to speak out. Recall, the entire attack on Flynn was motivated by Obama’s animus towards him. It is all personal. Related, the other senior Obama officials, such as former directors of the CIA, Brennan, and National Intelligence, Clapper, were exposed as people requesting to use off-limits information gathered by the spy agencies against Americans, also known as “unmasking”

In pandemic news, numerous states began to ease house-arrest orders. Elon Musk moved his Tesla headquarters out of California and then forced the state to blink and began to manufacture cars again. In New York and Pennsylvania, officials began calling for federal investigations into the actions of those governors that led to infected elderly being forced back into nursing homes, where thousands died from the virus. Legally, a lawsuit in Wisconsin challenging the onerous house-arrest orders prevailed. In congress, the scientists of the pandemic team, such as Anthony Fauci, testified by internet video before the senate. Also, Senator Rand Paul challenged to status enjoyed by Fauci as being the one and only guru on handling the pandemic.

On the data front, the Wuhan coronavirus has made insurers rethink their past steps to stay away from Obamacare. Those markets are now desirable. Patients infected will develop dangerous blood clots at least 33% of the time. Moderna’s (MRNA) vaccine moved into Phase 2 trials, and Abbott’s (ABT) point-of-care rapid coronavirus test may need a backup test for false negatives.

On the regulatory front, a bombshell article in Newsweek detailed how Anthony Fauci’s NIH funded research in multiple labs, including the Chinese Wuhan lab, to genetically engineer viruses to be more virulent and deadly to cell lines (i.e. “gain-of-function” research). This is likely how the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was created.

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