The Weekly Summary

June 8th – June 14th                                 2020

In the general news, the mystery of the health of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un grows as now his little sister is making threats. In the U.S., large protests against poor police training dominated the news. Then, on Friday, Atlanta cops escalated what should have been a small problem into yet another murder-by-cop-on-video scandal, triggering riots. As a result of the backlash and orders in cities to have police stand down, violent crimes skyrocketed. The Minneapolis city council moved to de-fund their police force and anarchists took control of several city blocks in Seattle. In the economy, the recession from the pandemic started in February.

In healthcare news, a doctor in charge of a nursing home wrote an Op-Ed about how New York’s Governor Cuomo failed them. Then, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy investigative report into how Cuomo helped to cause the high overall Wuhan virus death rates by restricting what the hospitals could do and misguiding them in treatment options.

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