The Weekly Summary

June 15th – June 21st                                 2020

In the general news, The Supreme Court made news issuing two decisions favorable to the left and upsetting the right. It extended civil rights protection in the workplace to LGBT and punted on President Obama’s executive order on DACA. Meanwhile, the communist revolution is gaining ground. Statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were torn down and the American flag was burned. Congress initiated police reform legislation as President Trump issued his own executive order. In the economy, retail spending jumped a record 18% as the “V-shaped” recovery becomes more certain.

In healthcare news, China is quarantining portions of Beijing as the Wuhan virus spreads. President Trump stated that he would not order new nationwide lockdowns regardless of spikes in cases. New York proceeded with re-opening but California went backwards and mandated masks. Meanwhile, Tony Fauci became more marginalized as he left his lane and tried to become the NFL football czar by proclaiming it was too unsafe to have a season. This came shortly after he admitted to lying to the world about masks.

In healthcare business news, courts blocked President Trump’s efforts to make drug prices part of TV and print ads.

On the data front, a large randomized trial showed that generic dexamethasone was effective against the Wuhan virus. Gilead’s (GILD) remdesivir will be studied in the pediatric population. Also, the politicization of hydroxychloroquine is now making it too hard to find patients for trials and Novartis (NVS) had to halt a study.

From the FDA, the agency revoked the emergency authorization for hydroxychloroquine.

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