The Weekly Summary

June 22nd – June 28th                                 2020

In the general news, the communist anarchists tearing down federal monuments and urging the defunding of police moved ahead with little push-back from the Department of Justice. Shootings in New York City skyrocketed as the courts were closed. The rioters set off loud fireworks in the city to torment the masses and the police are doing nothing. Then, on Friday, as President Trump sensed his strategy to sit back and watch the country burn was backfiring, he had his DOJ start to arrest some of the anarchist who tried to topple the statue of Andrew Jackson that is outside of the White House.

In other politics, important primaries showed that the socialist Democrats are still in control and establishment Democrats are on the way out. A newcomer in New York ousted long-time congressman Engel despite Senator Schumer and others endorsing Engel. President Trump also got the message when his endorsed candidate lost in North Carolina.

In the federal courts, the crooked Obama judge, who refused to vacate the General Flynn charges despite the DOJ dropping the charges, was overruled by the court of appeals, and yet still refused to let Flynn off the hook. A New York federal judge ruled that Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio were wrong to selectively enforce virus mitigation orders as they supported the rioters. The Supreme Court struck down a plan by Texas Democrats to allow mail-in voting, as a shot across the bow to other states trying to rig the November elections. Then, possibly related, two local political hacks in new Jersey were arrested for rigging elections. And finally, Major League Baseball will resume.

In healthcare news, half of the 124,000 Wuhan virus were from nursing homes (likely more because the other deaths were falsely labeled as virus deaths). Republicans in the House began hearings on Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home orders that resulted in thousands of deaths in New York and the other Democrat states that copied it. Also, New York lawmakers criticized Cuomo’s defense of his policy as offensive to the families of the deceased.

On the data front, sunlight rapidly kills the Wuhan virus.  The “Coronavirus surge”, which is part of the far-left propaganda campaign to keep the economy down, is having real impact on businesses despite the data being good news that the virus is harmless and people are creating herd immunity. Related, the CEO of a Texas hospital said that the claims of hospitals becoming filled with sick virus patients are misleading because all patients are tested when entering the hospital regardless of reason for being hospitalized.

In healthcare business news, a federal court upheld the Trump plans to make hospital pricing more transparent. Gilead (GILD) acquired a small company, and a judge cut the multi-billion-dollar verdict against JNJ in half.

From the FDA, Zogenix (ZGNX) won approval for its epilepsy drug Dravet.

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