The Weekly Summary

July 6th – July 12th                                 2020

In the general news, Mexican president López Obrador was invited to The White House, likely as a reward for helping stem the mass caravans that were heading north through Mexico. In the U.S., Third-World-like violence continued. Over the July 4th weekend, four were shot dead in New York as another broad daylight assassination took place. In Georgia, the Republican governor sent in the national guard to vacate the occupied Wendy’s where gun death has occurred. Constitutional rights continue to be trampled as no U.S. attorney acts. The St. Louis couple who defended their home against hundreds of Black Lives Matter communist anarchists had their guns illegally confiscated on Friday by the police. The Republican governor did nothing to stop it. A California couple who painted over a BLM mural on the street was charged somehow with a hate crime. Robert de Niro, the hypocritical voice of the left, was caught taking PPP loans for his large restaurant and hotel chain called Nobu. Then, in divorce court, he claimed he was broke due to the Wuhan virus restrictions on his businesses. In politics, Chief Justice Roberts seems to have had more epileptic seizures as other justices hint they will retire soon. And finally, President Trump commuted, rather than pardoned, Roger Stone.

In healthcare news, it was learned that New York Governor Cuomo sent 6,300 elderly to their deaths in infected nursing homes. Also, The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s rollback of the Obamacare birth control coverage mandate.

In healthcare business news, Purdue Pharma’s cofounder, Jonathan Sackler, died at age 65. He created the pain pill epidemic with his Oxycontin and bribing of doctors.

On the data front, a Gilead (GILD) trial showed that remdesivir lowered death rates by 60%. The stock was up only 2%.

From the FDA, there is new pressure for the agency to re-approve hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of the Wuhan virus. Recent trials show that it works.

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