The Weekly Summary

July 13th – July 19th                                 2020

In the general news, the communist revolution rages on as the far-left media spews too many bogus stories about the Wuhan virus to rebut. Every day on every media outlet is story after story of “a surge in cases” despite the opposite being true: A) almost no one is getting sick, B) positive tests simply mean that healthy people are helping to create herd immunity. The goal is to fearmonger the pandemic and pressure local leaders into shutting down the economy again, as a last-ditch effort to hurt Trump before the election. The plan seems to be working too.

California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered all counties to close indoor operations for restaurants, wineries, bars, and family entertainment venues. In another move to help the anarchy strategy of the communists, Newsom will release 18,000 violent prisoners under the guides of pandemic safety.

However, a few leaders are resisting. Texas Governor Abbott stated that he would not order a second wave of lockdowns. Also, Georgia Governor Kemp sued the Democrat mayor of Atlanta to reverse their masks-mandate. He then banned any further mask-mandates by any city. But most of the other Republican governors, such as Ohio’s Mike DeWine, have cowardly capitulated to the fearmongering.

Meanwhile, the anarchy in the streets created by the communists as a way to destabilize the country went unabated. Gun violence became the true pandemic to fear. Shootings in almost every major city surged as a 1-yo black baby was murdered by gunfire in Brooklyn. A black woman caught on camera brutally beating police on the Brooklyn bridge with a long weapon was let go without bail or jail. All of this led to President Trump moving closer to taking over the cities with the national guard and DOJ.

Meanwhile, the evidence is irrefutable that the far-left media is fearmongering with false claims about the Wuhan virus. In Florida, Democrats in charge of the health department admitted that the data were inflated ten-fold. Florida was also not reporting the negative test results. An Orlando TV station investigated and found that a 21-yo death attributed to the virus was actually a motorcycle accident. Texas data showed that the actual lethality of the Wuhan virus is less than last year’s influenza season.

Even Trump’s own CDC “Deep State” has been putting out fearmongering junk science designed to hurt his re-election, according to insiders. Of course, the NIH’s Anthony Fauci is back to his rhetoric designed to scare people.

One of the direct consequences of the fearmongering has been the complete disruption of the American medical system for many months. This has led to untold numbers of people contracting cancers that could have been prevented had they undergone routine screening.

In healthcare business, Moderna (MRNA) released data on 45 Phase-2 vaccine patients that showed a good production of antibodies against the Wuhan virus. Short covering sent shares higher despite other news coming out on competing vaccines by JNJ, Pfizer (PFE), and BioNTech (BNTX). All companies should have Phase-3 studies underway in by September and the FDA fast-tracked the approval. With the hospital sector, the group representing them plans to appeal a federal decision that upheld the Trump order mandating public disclosure of pricing.

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