The Weekly Summary

July 20th – July 26th                                 2020

In the general news, the “scamdemic”, as some are calling it, dominated the propaganda news as the Democrats try desperately to create a double-dip recession in order to hurt Trump. The Supreme Court, once again, upset many by ruling that casinos in Nevada may stay open while churches must be limited to a certain small audience. Taking advantage of the nation’s disconnect caused by the lockdowns, the Marxist rioters focused on federal buildings in Portland as Homeland Security sent staff to defend the properties, and the mayor of Chicago removed a statue of Christopher Columbus to appease the rioters. In other news, Hurricane Hanna hit Texas.

In healthcare news, baseball games restarted with no audiences. Anthony Fauci threw out the first pitch in DC but was later seen in the audience in adjacent seats to friends not wearing a mask. Meanwhile, Ohio and other states made masks in public mandatory. Trump cancelled the GOP convention citing pandemic concerns. In New York, as people become aware of the safety hazards of nursing homes, vacancies increase. Importantly, researchers think the herd immunity level has been reached already for the Wuhan virus.

In healthcare business news, Trump signed an important order that cut prescription drug prices by cutting out PBMs and allowing drugs to be imported from Canada. Moderna (MRNA) had a volatile week. Share fell on news that the company lost a patent challenge to a small company with technology to deliver mRNA and the CEO sold shares after the last stock spike. Then, the government increased funding for the Phase 3 vaccine trials by another $500 million allowing the study to start on Monday. The government also advanced $2 Billion to Pfizer and JNJ for orders of their vaccines not even yet approved by the FDA. Gilead (GILD) paid $300 Million for a private cancer company.

On the data front, a Yale epidemiologist reported that hydroxychloroquine is “the key to defeating COVID-19”. A Newsweek article also explained how HCQ works.

From the FDA, Jazz (JAZZ) won approval for Xywav to treat cataplexy.

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