Tony’s Virus: Chapter 6: The Nursing Home Massacres

September 28, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

By sheer coincidence, I might possibly have been the most qualified person in the country to understand soonest what was going on in nursing homes. As the scamdemic became politicized and governments were clearly botching the quarantines, I smelled a rat.

As part of a larger concierge practice, I have a wound care practice that treats the elderly in nursing homes. It is dirty work that few doctors wish to do. It falls on the opposite end of the spectrum from cushy plastic surgery or Wall Street. However, it was a topic of research for me during my surgery residency training 20-years ago and I find it fascinating to be able to take a massive festering gangrenous wound and close it with proper care.

Back in the late 1990’s at New York University Medical Center, as I conducted my clinical wound therapy trials and enrolled patients from New York nursing homes, I saw how poor the medical care was in those facilities. I then started the first bedside wound care service that was staffed by medical doctors. The paradigm at the time was to send the elderly to a centralized wound care clinic only when things got really bad.

Because of that experience, I know that the elderly, even under the best of conditions, are often isolated and become disoriented from lack of social interactions. When New York Governor Cuomo started to mismanage the hospitals and nursing homes in March of 2020, I immediately became concerned.

On the Joe Piscopo radio show, I was the first one in the nation to raise concerns about the high death rates being reported and whether it was a manmade disaster. On April 2, 2020, I told listeners of the Piscopo show that the elderly in nursing homes are very vulnerable to isolation.[1] I had made an official proposal to the White House emergency response team and CMS to use telemedicine as a novel way of communicating with the quarantined elderly and the nursing staff, but my proposal was ignored. I stated on the radio,

“So, I have reached out to the White House. I have a company with a very famous doctor who is already advising the White House, we’ve got this incredible team. We already have gadgets where you can do a remote pulse oximetry . . . to make a long story short, I think we can immediately start using telemedicine because doctors are afraid to go into nursing homes. The elderly are being quarantined in these nursing homes, and even if they’re not sick, they’ve been cut off from society. So, we need to do telemedicine. We need to get them iPads, screens where they can talk to doctors or even family members. That’s step number one, and I have a proposal to do that, and I’m waiting for them to get back with me.”

Then, a month later on Piscopo, we discussed how the foreseeable slaughter became a reality.[2] I said,

“The nurses, they’re not capable of dealing with an infectious disease problem, and Governor Cuomo, to show that the hospital rates were going down, or whatever bureaucratic idiotic reason, forced infected people from the hospitals into the nursing homes. Of course, they spread the virus. Now, the total number of all New York deaths is at least 25% comprised of those from nursing homes. They are slaughtering people because and the news doesn’t report on it. And that’s the manslaughter. If you can intentionally send a deadly virus into a nursing home, knowing it’s going to kill other people, someone has to go to jail for that.”

It turned out that I was being too kind to Governor Cuomo. We now believe that the percentage of all New York deaths that were nursing home deaths was closer to 80%.[3]

However, because Cuomo went into cover-up mode, those true data have not been released.[4] The oft-cited New York nursing home death count of 6,500 is likely underreported and actually closer to 11,000.[5]

This culling of the elderly was a manmade tragedy. It was the direct result of Governor Cuomo’s misguided pandemic policy that cleared hospital beds at all costs, even if it meant that those infected with the Wuhan virus would to be readmitted to nursing homes to knowingly spread the infection. Several other Democrat governors directly copied Cuomo, expanding this felonious massacre across state lines.

On March 25th, 2020, Governor Cuomo’s office issued an executive order that stated,

“no resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the [nursing home] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. [The order also said nursing homes and adult facilities were] “prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”[6]

That order has since been deleted from the official website of the governor.[7] Cuomo then began a several-month-long campaign to revise history and blame President Trump, but it was too late. The public could see through his lies. Too many newspapers had blamed Cuomo for the deaths.[8]

This author was the first person in the country to publicly state that what Governor did was tantamount to manslaughter.[9] Not only that, I specifically stated on Rudy Giuliani’s podcast that the Department of Justice, his former job before becoming mayor, and not the State of New York policing bodies, should investigate.[10]

Shortly thereafter, members of congress, who are also guests on the same radio stations as I appear (i.e. WABC 770 and AM 970), took the baton and ran with it. Congressman Steve Scalise really championed the cause and demanded an investigation into Governor Cuomo.

On August 26th, the DOJ announced that it was investigating the nursing home deaths.[11] A few days later, the Wall Street Journal published the Op-Ed “Cuomo gets a nursing home inspection”.[12] On September 4th, the FBI raided a Pennsylvania nursing home that had copied the Cuomo-doctrine of forcing infected elderly back into the nursing homes to kill others.[13] On September 25th, two V.A. nursing home employees were criminally indicted by a grand jury on charges, “stemming from their decision to combine two dementia units in March, packing residents who were COVID-19 positive into the same room with those who had no symptoms”.[14]

Stay tuned. After the printing of this book, more indictments will likely follow.

I am often asked the question of why Governor Cuomo made the fateful decision to pack nursing homes with infected patients. I have a few theories, but I am not sure that even Andrew Cuomo knows why he did it. I chalk it all up to the chaos taking place in Albany during the peak of the pandemic when fear was overriding reason.

One must recall that, at the time, the big concern was to “flatten the curve”, thanks to Tony Virus promoting this concept. The world had seen biased reporting from Italy and their overflowing hospitals and patients dying in hallways. The influential leaders of the best medical centers in Manhattan were panicking and pressuring Albany to keep the sick barbarians at the gates of Brooklyn, Queens, etc.

It was under this climate of fear that Cuomo somehow thought it would make him look bad as a politician if images like the world saw from Italy were reported taking place in his own hospitals. He wanted at all costs to empty the hospitals and make room for the “surge” in cases, even it meant sending the elderly to their slaughter in nursing homes.

Numerous hospitals in New York, which happened to also be the locations of the hot spots of the outbreak, are under the direct control of the governor, and have been badly mismanaged for decades. They have been incompetent at handling routine medical care and were woefully unprepared for an epidemic. I wrote an essay on this in March.[15]

In addition to those factors, I believe that the Democrats really do subscribe to eugenics philosophies and view elderly as drains to society. They have no qualms with euthanasia. The “death panels” Sarah Palin made famous during the 2008 election are real. Look at how easily the various state health officials, who mimicked Cuomo, sent their elderly to their deaths. In all cases, they were far-left ideologues.

Dr. Rachel Levine, the transgender head of the Pennsylvania health department

But it gets worse for Governor Cuomo. Hand in hand with his administration’s decision to intentionally mix infected elderly in with the uninfected was their highly political decision to ban the use of hydroxychloroquine for use against the Wuhan virus. We had therapies that could have saved people. Even among the most vulnerable elderly, few people should have died if they had received the proper medications. It was unprecedented for governors to get in between medical doctors and patients and ban a drug that had been approved for 50-years. This will be discussed more in a subsequent chapter.

Now, where does Tony Virus fit in with all of this? Despite all of the above mistakes made by New York being well known to anyone, ole Tony decided to join ranks with his fellow Democrats and praise New York as being the model for how to handle a pandemic.

During a September 23rd U.S. Senate hearing, Rand Paul, MD pointed out to Tony Virus that he had praised New York despite New York being the textbook example of what NOT to do during a pandemic.[16] However, by now Tony was not even attempting to be impartial and was fully on board with the Democratic party agenda for the upcoming election. No amount of factual evidence could sway ole Tony.

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