Tony’s Virus: Chapter 9: PCR Testing Does Not Identify Wuhan Virus Infections

October 8, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

As mentioned in the previous chapter, almost all medical centers are still (as of October, 2020) requiring patients with symptoms to first undergo nasal-swab PCR tests. However, those tests require fancy machines at large centralized labs around the country to process. Therefore, they take several days usually to get results.

But that delay is critical. The best way to prevent death and permanent tissue damage from the Wuhan virus is to treat it early, as they did with President Trump.

“Wait”, you might ask, “What about those rapid point-of-care tests the White House is touting? And what are antibody tests? Is this all a casedemic?”

It turns out that this entire politically-motivated scamdemic has been driven by the fear created from a casedemic rather than a real pandemic that causes high death rates, such as the Spanish Flu. The tool for this crime against humanity has been the nasal swab PCR test.

First, let’s back up and ask, “What is a “pandemic” and who defines it?” It is such a serious classification that it allows for emergency powers of governments to suspend constitutional rights, order lockdowns, and jail people. Democracies can become totalitarian fascist states overnight.

Well, it turns out that in 2009, as the H1N1 Swine Flu outbreak was becoming recognized, the W.H.O. quietly changed the definition of pandemic from that of “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.”[1] to the lower threshold of merely, “An influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.” The phrase “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” had been removed (For a detailed discussion, see the report by Harvard/MIT’s Peter Doshi).[2]

This down-classification of pandemic in 2009 led to a massive overreaction by governments to the Swine Flu. It turned out that this virus was not causing enormous numbers of deaths at all.

Of course, as you might have guessed, the humans running the various committees in charge of these definitions were members of the Neuraminidase Inhibitor Susceptibility Network, a group funded by GlaxoSmithKline and Roche.[3] One should always follow the money trail when it comes to large disease-monitoring agencies, such as the W.H.O. or the CDC.

So, when the Wuhan virus began to make the news in January of 2020, The W.H.O. was able to label it as a pandemic and the governments of the world went into fascist totalitarian mode. In the Philippines, people not wearing masks were shot in the head. In Australia and the U.K., people were arrested in their homes. In New York City, orthodox Jews in Brooklyn were literally rounded up by the police in scenes reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

But there were not enormous deaths being seen when the Wuhan pandemic was declared. People were not dropping dead by the millions like we saw in the Spanish Flu.

Isolated elderly in nursing homes were mostly succumbing, and we do not even know whether or not they had the actual Wuhan virus or some common flu that is also deadly. The proper tests were not performed (if any testing was done at all before creating bogus death certificates, as detailed in previous chapters).

It turns out that the PCR test for the Wuhan virus that the world has relied on is so unreliable that it is counterproductive, and that is an understatement. The RNA molecular fragments it looks for are not engineered based on the actual Wuhan virus genetics. Then, the way that the test is run makes it far too sensitive and false positives are the normal outcome.[4]

If someone tests positive for the “COVID-19” coronavirus now, it does not mean they have an active viral infection. What the test result likely means is that it was a false positive, either because the patient had traces of some other “common cold” coronavirus or inactive fragment of old RNA that do not represent functioning virus.

From a July, 2020 CDC technical manual on the use and interpretation of the PCR test, it states:

“-  Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.

–  The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection.

–  The performance of this test has not been established for screening of blood or blood products for the presence of 2019-nCoV.

–  This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.”[5]

International class-action lawyer Reiner Fuellmich issued a lengthy oral statement on this and other matters in a video called Crimes Against Humanity. From the transcript of that video:[6]


“It is still not clear whether there has ever been a scientifi­cally correct isolation of the Wuhan virus, so that nobody knows exactly what we are looking for when we test, espe­cially since this virus, just like the flu viruses, mutates quickly. The PCR swabs take one or two sequences of a molecule that are invisible to the human eye and therefore need to be amplified in many cycles to make it visible. Eve­rything over 35 cycles is – as reported by the New York Times and others – considered completely unreliable and scientifically unjustifiable. However, the Drosten test, as well as the WHO-recommended tests that followed his ex­ample, are set to 45 cycles. Can that be because of the de­sire to produce as many positive results as possible and thereby provide the basis for the false assumption that a large number of infections have been detected?

The test cannot distinguish inactive and reproductive mat­ter. That means that a positive result may happen because the test detects e.g. a piece of debris, a fragment of a mole­cule, which may signal nothing else than that the immune system of the person tested won a battle with the common cold in the past.

Even Drosten himself declared in an interview with a Ger­man business magazine in 2014, at that time concerning the alleged detection of an infection with the MERS virus, allegedly with the help of the PCR test, that these PCR tests are so highly sensitive that even very healthy and non-in­fectious people may test positive. At that time, he also be­came very much aware of the powerful role of the panic and fear-mongering media, as you’ll see at the end of the fol­lowing quote.

He said: “If, for example, such a pathogen scurries over the nasal mucosa of a nurse for a day or so without her getting sick or noticing anything else, then she is suddenly a MERS case. This could also explain the explosion of case num­bers in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the media there have made this into an incredible sensation”.

Has he forgotten this, or is he deliberately concealing this in the Corona context, because Corona is a very lucrative business opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole and for Mr. Olfert Landt, his co-author in many stud­ies and also: a PCR test producer? In my view, it is com­pletely implausible that he forgot in 2020 what he knew about the PCR tests and told a business magazine in 2014.

In short: This test cannot detect any infection, contrary to all false claims stating that it can. An infection, a so-called “hot infection”, requires that the virus, or rather: a fragment of a molecule which may be a virus – is not just found somewhere, e.g. in the throat of a person without causing any damage (that would be a cold infection). Rather, a hot infection requires that the virus penetrates into the cells, replicates there and causes symptoms such as headaches, or a sore throat. Only then is a person really infected in the sense of a hot infection, because only then is a person con­tagious, that is: able to infect others. Until then, it is com­pletely harmless for both the host and all other people that the host comes into contact with.

Once again: This means that positive test results – contrary to all other claims, e.g. by Drosten, Wieler or the WHO – mean nothing with respect to infections, as even the CDC knows as quoted above. Meanwhile, a number of highly re­spected scientists worldwide assume that there has never been a corona pandemic, but only a PCR test pandemic.


So, the PCR tests being used by the world are looking for RNA sequences that do not narrowly define the Wuhan virus with specificity, but instead catch in a broad net the RNA from related common-cold viruses or contaminants. The false positive rate is 90% or more according to some reports.[7] It is worse than merely unreliable, it is misleading.

The false PCR positive tests do not mean anyone is ill with an active infection. However, the global media and governments interpret them as if the tests results are somehow surrogates for the missing deaths that one should see during a scary pandemic. This is not a true pandemic with “enormous numbers of deaths and illness”.

This is a politically motivated scamdemic driven by a casedemic fueled by bogus PCR tests, and there is no end in sight. Given the high false positive rates, people will be told they have the “COVID-19” for years and years if this insanity is not stopped.

Already, political hack Tony Virus is fearmongering that there is no end in sight to masks and social distancing (unless it relates to himself attending a baseball game doing neither). During a rogue media interview, he stated in classic Fuacian doomsay-speak that life would not be back to normal for years, even if the vaccines are effective.[8]

Are there any better ways to test for the Wuhan virus? There are and they will be discussed next.

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