The Weekly Summary

January 1st – January 10th                                 2021

In the general news, a British court rejected the US efforts to extradite Julianne Assange citing that it did not have confidence that the US prison system would be safe for him, referencing the Jeffrey Epstein murder. On U.S., on New Year’s Eve, “Doctor” Jill Biden failed to operate a handheld confetti gadget, which became a viral metaphor.

Then, January 6th became an infamous date in history as some of the approximately one million Trump supporters, who were gathered by the Capitol to protest the stolen election, were lured by Capitol police past outside barricades that the police opened up for them. At the same time, Antifa impersonating Trump supporters began to violently break windows and get inside the Capitol. When real Trump supporters followed, one US Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, was shot and murdered by police along with three others who somehow were killed outside. All of this interrupted the counting of the electoral college votes. When it resumed in the evening, the numerous senators planning to challenge certain votes had changed their minds. Afterwards, the propaganda media spun it as President Trump inciting insurrection and led to Nancy Pelosi preparing to impeach him again. The American citizens killed were ignored.

On Friday night, mirroring Hitler in 1933 after the Reichstag Fire (see photo), the tech oligarchs used the Capitol “insurrection” as an excuse to not only close the Twitter and Facebook accounts of President Trump, but many more. A complete social media blackout added to the already existing propaganda blackout in old media. The fascists then went further and shut down an independent social media app called Parler used by conservatives. George Orwell’s book “1984” began trending in social media due to the glaring similarities of events.

In business news, Elon Musk surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest man with an estimated worth of $140 Billion. This was vulgarly juxtaposed to the December jobs report showing a loss of 140,000 jobs caused by the scamdemic and congress failing to agree on measly $2,000 checks to the public.

In scamdemic news, far-left mayors began rejecting the totalitarian leadership of their governors. An Oregon mayor recommend people ignore their governor, and New York City Mayor de Blasio criticized the euthanasia strategies of Governor Cuomo which now include making it illegal to use the new Wuhan virus vaccines on people older than age 75. In Third World Los Angeles, mismanagement of hospitals, drugs, and other resources  led to mass casualties and overflowing morgues, ala what was seen in New York City last year. More publications show the futility and dangers of masks used on children, as the insanity in Australia worsened. It is now law that people have to wear masks when driving in a car alone. Sensing that they will look bad to historians, lockdown advocates began urging for schools to reopen. A second congressman died from the virus. Pathogenic priming could be the cause of the bad reactions to the vaccines. The CDC indicated that the hyped claim of the “new strain” of virus being deadlier was unfounded. Finally, proving that “COVID” is widely misdiagnosed, the CDC reported that the regular flu essentially vanished this year, which is impossible.

In healthcare business news, Amazon, JPMorgan, and Warren Buffet announced that their joint effort called Haven to create their own healthcare systems failed and was canceled. Atul Gawande had been the CEO.

On the data front, Sarepta’s (SRPT) gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy failed again.



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