Vaccines no longer work. Period.

November 5, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In the most prestigious journal in all of science, Science magazine posted this article. The authors studied vaccine efficacy over time in VA patients. The effectiveness at preventing COVID infections fell to as low as 13%.

“From February to October 2021, VE-I declined from 87.9% to 48.1%, and the decline was greatest for the Janssen vaccine resulting in a VE-I of 13.1%.”

Aside from this latest study showing lack of real vaccine efficacy, even more compelling “evidence” is that boosters are required. By definition, boosters mean the vaccines have stopped working adequately. This Science paper just puts a real number on it.

Despite this, the greedy vaccine companies have successfully rigged the regulatory process to get the CDC and FDA to approved vaccines for young kids. There are no data whatsoever on real effectiveness in people under age 18. When the FDA and drug-makers referenced data at recent advisory panels, they were referring to the ability of the vaccines to trigger antibodies. But the problem is that the antibodies are made against an S-protein no longer on the real virus circulating now. These are the same vaccines now being mandated to toddlers in California and New York.

Update November 21, 2021- Tony Fauci admits that vaccines no longer protect against infection and hospitalization. In a NYT podcast, Fauci said:

“And if you look at Israel, which has always been a month to a month-and-a-half ahead of us in the dynamics of the outbreak, in their vaccine response and in every other element of the outbreak. They are seeing a waning of immunity, not only against infection, but against hospitalizations and to some extent, death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly. So if one looks back at this, one can say, do you know, it isn’t as if a booster is a bonus. But a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have.

I think that the boosting is going to be an absolutely essential component of our response. Not a bonus, not a luxury, but an absolute essential part of the program.

So I think it would be a misrepresentation to say that the vaccines don’t work. I don’t think we’ve given that the full rein to prove what it is that you need to make them work. And that’s the reason why I say, again, it’s my scientific opinion and projection that boosters will be an essential part of the protection

Well, I mean, ultimately all pandemics burn themselves out. In the modern age of biomedical research and public health interventions, you can mitigate the ultimate negative impact of outbreaks.”

Update November 26, 2021- In the news: “The UK’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid, sounds alarm over new ‘worst-ever’ super-mutant Covid variant that will make vaccines at least 40 per cent ‘less effective’” and “In the event that vaccine-escape variant emerges, Pfizer and BioNTech expect to be able to develop and produce a tailor- made vaccine against that variant in approximately 100 days, subject to regulatory approval,” Pfizer spokeswoman confirmed in an emailed statement to Bloomberg.-“and Merck lowered efficacy data on their oral pill molnupiravir to 30% (but efficacy against death is still huge for the pill- one pill patient died and 9 placebo patients died).

This is what I make of the news today. I think that the world will finally realize what I have been saying, which is these vaccines are a joke. They stopped working a long time ago and are causing severe adverse events and death. This will require new vaccines to be made and trials, unless the FDA throws out all procedure and approves a vaccine without trials. Once new vaccines are made, all bets are off as to which one will be the most effective, etc.

Any announcement from Pfizer or Moderna that they are making a new vaccine will be the official acknowledgement that the current vaccines are no longer working. No amount of booster shots will help. This means that the dream of converting one-time “vaccines” into serial ongoing gene therapy drugs will be dashed.

In the meantime, the use of oral therapies will be in high demand (The Merck and Pfizer pills are the two being blessed by Big Pharma because they will sell at huge prices). Also, the demand for ever more boosters will decrease.

Update December 7, 2021-

Update December 7, 2021- Both of my vaccinated parents are in the hospital now for breakthrough COVID

Update December 15, 2021- More proof the vaccines have failed completely: The fully vaccinated NFL is ravaged by COViD. Also, Moderna is so afraid of COVID that they cancelled their appearance at the San Francisco JP Morgan event (even though it is a virtual Zoom event now. So, the real reason is to avoid questions of their failures.).

Update December 17, 2021-

  • CNN: Fauci admits Flu vaccines don’t match the main circulating flu virus strain, researchers find
  • ‘Striking’ vaccine resistance in Omicron variant: Columbia University
  • CDC warns about blood clot adverse events from vaccines

Update December 20, 2021-

  • Ontario data show all of the new cases are from the vaccinated
  • CDC: Heart inflammation cases emerge among 5- to 11-year-old kids after COVID-19 shot
  • Pfizer’s child-sized vaccine fails to produce expected immunity in younger kids, delays plans for FDA approval
  • Vaccinated are super-spreaders: The Risk of Vaccinated COVID Transmission Is Not Low
  • Maryland Gov. Hogan tests positive for COVID despite vaccination, booster

Update December 25, 2021-

  • CNN admits the vaccines no longer work: “Rather, the focus is on the high rate of vaccine evasion demonstrated by Omicron among recipients of the recommended two-shot series of mRNA vaccines (Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech).”
  • WashPost admits vaccines do not work: With Omicron, many vaccinated Americans will at some point test positive. Here’s what to do.
  • US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak Among ‘100 Percent Immunized’ Crew
  • Excellent corrected analysis of the Danish data involving negative vaccine efficacy that is being so widely discussed.
  • Vinay Prasad, MD “Pfizer Moderna vaccines have rates of myocarditis GREATER than after sars-cov-2 infection”- reply by Marty Makary, MD “This new data supports what many hypothesized to be true. That’s why a one-size fits all booster recommendation can result in greater harm than benefit, based on the data we have so far.”

Update January 9, 2022-

  • Vaccine efficacy is now negative, meaning vaccinated are more likely to become infected
  • “What the vaccines can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.” CDC Director Walensky
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