Insurance companies are not paying for Repatha and Praluent

Update November 2, 2018- Amgen slashed the annual cost of this drug to $6,000.

March 8, 2017- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

We interviewed cardiologist William O’Neill, MD about his personal need for the cholesterol-lowering, large-molecule, antibody drug from Amgen, branded as Repatha. Despite the drug being extremely effective, insurance companies are more and more refusing to pay for it.

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One Response to Insurance companies are not paying for Repatha and Praluent

  1. Kay Allumi says:

    Sad isn’t it that something this life saving should hit a wall with an insurance company? You saw as a Doctor the train headed your way and had a drug that would save you but the insurance company wouldn’t lift a hand to pull you out of danger. What is wrong with that picture? Why is this so expensive? Is there a way the drug company can lower the cost? I cannot take statins for the same reason as you and it concerns me a great deal. Keep chipping at the wall!

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