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Under new leadership, Johns Hopkins creates a disaster at the Tampa children’s hospital

Dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine Paul Rothman December 11, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD Ranking colleges and medical centers is a futile, highly subjective, and ludicrous endeavor. Nevertheless,

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The Deans of Johns Hopkins and Miami discuss ACO’s

February 28, 2011- By Steven E Greer, MD Dean Miller of Johns Hopkins and Dean Goldschmidt of Miami discuss accountable care organizations,

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How to establish a face transplant team

Update December 1, 2018- Dr. Rodriguez and his team of at least 100 surgeons, psychiatrists, social

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Essay: Opioids coming through the Mexican border are a national security risk

November 30, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD The U.S. life expectancy has dramatically dropped according to a new report. This type of demographic

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Triple Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis

October 18, 2018- interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

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Insurance companies are not paying for Repatha and Praluent

Update November 2, 2018- Amgen slashed the annual cost of this drug to $6,000.

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President-elect Trump adopts plan by The Healthcare Channel to bring back drug manufacturing jobs

September 4, 2010- by Steven Greer, MD The Commissioner of the FDA, Margaret Hamburg, could become the single biggest job creator

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How pain pills almost killed my mother after elective knee surgery

May 21, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD My mother is in her 70’s and in good health except for debilitating knee arthritis. After considerable

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The new CDC guidelines for prescribing opioid pain pills

June 1, 2016- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD Pain pill prescriptions have quadrupled since the 1990’s as drug companies stepped up marketing and funded

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The MusiCorps benefit concert 2015

October 16, 2015- by Steven E. Greer, MD We interviewed the Founder of MusiCorps, Arthur Bloom, and one of the musicians in the band,

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How the FDA regulates compounding pharmacies

April 5, 2015- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD Few people knew what a compounding pharmacy was until a meningitis outbreak traced to the

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The Miami Summit on Healthcare Spending Reduction

June 29, 2010 Produced and interviewed by Steven Greer, MD The Healthcare Channel and The University of Miami Health System hosted a roundtable discussion

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Is polio making a comeback?

Update November 13, 2018- Parents of children who died from this “polio-like” illness are accusing the

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CDC data on increasing suicide rates

August 2, 2018- interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD We interviewed Alex E. Crosby, MD, MPH of the CDC, Branch Chief of Surveillance, Division

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Hormone replacement therapy is safe and effective after all

November 14, 2017- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD We interviewed JoAnn Manson, MD, DrPH about her JAMA paper that followed the cohorts in

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The FDA pathway for biosimilar drug approvals

March 26, 2015- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer,

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Review: “The Bleeding Edge” documentary on unsafe medical devices

November 1, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD The Netflix 2018 documentary “The Bleeding Edge” reviews modern cases of medical devices

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Fox and Friends accidentally produces what could be the best discussion of Medicare-for-All

November 15, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD I have cut the cord and no longer get cable TV. However, the free content posted on apps lets me

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Essay: Everything you say can and will be used against you

November 10, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD I keep telling people that “smart home” devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa, record everything

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Book Review: Fat Chance by Robert H. Lustig, MD

February 9, 2013- by Steven E. Greer, MD How did our ancient ancestors evolve from being pure meat eating carnivore hunters into grain fed

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