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Steven E. Greer, MD Founder, Executive Producer, Editor-in-Chief is an academic surgeon with numerous white paper and text book publications while at NYU Medical Center. He also received several large grants from the VA to conduct multi-center wound healing trials using subatmospheric pressure dressing.

Switching gears, Dr. Greer became a Wall Street healthcare analyst covering medical devices and biotech tools. While at DLJ, then Credit Suisse, his team was awarded by Institutional Investor magazine as having the best research. Dr. Greer then became an analyst for a top hedge fund, which led to him becoming the global healthcare portfolio manager for Merrill Lynch’s internal hedge fund with $10 Billion in assets under management.

In 2006, the idea for The Healthcare Channel was born. The first video was blast emailed in February of 2007. Since then, other sites, such as MedPage Today and a blog run by The Wall Street Journal have tried to copy us.

(Sample of video interviews with Dr. Greer)

(Sample of written work for The WSJ)

The Healthcare Channel is a multimedia global portal with the primary goal of disseminating medical education about the latest clinical developments and controversies. We interview the most knowledgeable doctors and policymakers to discuss issues in medicine, surgery, public health and policy. Our target audience is the practicing physician, surgeon, and policymaker.

The Healthcare Channel content has been carried on Reuters TV as well as national news sites, such as the WSJ, ABC and NPR.

The Healthcare Channel is funded by private grants and receives no funding from the pharmaceutical industry. We are non-partisan and not affiliated with any PAC, thinktank, lobbying group, or industry lobbyist group.

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