The Medical Advocate

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The Medical Advocate is an important book on the American healthcare system. It was 20-years in the making, as Steven E. Greer, MD matriculated through medical school, then surgery residency in Miami and New York, then as a Wall Street analyst and portfolio manager for healthcare companies, and now back as a clinical doctor.

This book tackles what could have been a dry and boring subject and makes it an easy-read for any person in need of medical care. The reader has a personal dialogue with Dr. Greer.

In this book, he details the reasons why American healthcare costs $3.6 trillion per year, growing at 6%, and comprises 18% of the economy. He identifies the culprits for healthcare inflation that also harm the patient in the form of medical errors and unnecessary procedures.

The Medical Advocate also reads like a Stephen King horror book in some sections. Dr. Greer exposes the dark side of medicine like no other book has ever done before.

But this masterpiece does more than just scare people. It offers advice on how one can be their own medical advocate in the hospital. Dr. Greer also provides his medical advocacy services as part of The Quality of Life Clinic.

The release of this book is coincidentally timed perfectly for the upcoming 2020 elections. Both the populist movement supporting President Trump and the Democrats supporting Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will find The Medical Advocate to be an essential new reference source.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Why American Healthcare is the Costliest and Still Not the Best

Chapter 2. A Brief History of the American Healthcare System

Chapter 3. Innovation Made Possible by the American Healthcare System

Chapter 4. Shameful History of American Healthcare

Chapter 5. Fake Diseases

Chapter 6. Unsafe Drugs and Medical Devices

Chapter 7. American Healthcare Harms You

Chapter 8. The Real Risks

Chapter 9. The Red Flag Specialties

Chapter 10. What to Look for in a Healthcare Provider

Chapter 11. How to Protect Yourself

Chapter 12. What is the Medical Advocate Service?


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