Steven E. Greer, MD testifies to The Ohio Board of Education opposing Biden’s agenda grooming transgenders: Part 1

September 20, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Brendan Shea, an elected member of the Ohio Board of Education, put forth a resolution to have the Ohio Board of Education officially oppose the Biden Executive Order that mandates schools groom children into transgender programs using the power of Title IX. I attended the hearing and spoke as the only doctor in the audience opposed to the Biden EO.

It was a big success. People told me that I hit it out of the park, etc.

The video is posted above. This is what I used as a script:

“Hello. I am Dr. Steven Greer. I graduated from The Ohio State University Medical School in the 90s. Back then, doctors were not political. We were rational and followed genuine science. We were taught to treat patients the same. We never disclosed our personal politics.

However, I started to see that change around the time I graduated. That’s when Purdue Pharma began paying off doctors to promote their opioid pain pills. I learned back then how easy it is to bribe doctors and get them to ignore science. All it takes is a free dinner and a few thousand dollars.

The corruption of science and medicine has been a long process. It has now come to fruition.

We are at the point where basic grade school biology is being denied. The simplest thing in medicine is to distinguish between the sexes by the X and Y chromosomes. That is now considered discrimination by the far left who are promoting Joe Biden‘s agenda

What we have seen over the last several years is not a rise in genuine transgender medical conditions. It is a rise in psychiatric illness. Evil people with political agendas are exploiting vulnerable young people.

What makes this medical transgender movement so horrific, a crime against humanity, is that the medical doctors are delivering therapies that cannot be reversed. The use of hormone blockers to prevent puberty is irreversible. For females, it makes them infertile for the rest of their lives. The psychological harm is permanent.

Of course, it is also very profitable. If only 100 kids are put on those drugs for seven years, they will earn $27 million for the drugmakers.

However, less common but more visible is the transgender Surgery that is mutilating young people. These procedures are being done by quacks who call themselves surgeons.

I trained at the best surgery and plastic surgery programs. I wrote textbooks, numerous medical papers, and conducted large scale clinical trials.

When I started to see photos of the “top” surgery as they call it, or the surgeries to remove the breast tissue in young girls, I immediately saw the bizarre scars. That is not competent surgery. It looks like a meat butcher conducted the surgeries.

The “bottom” surgery, which involves castration of young men or an attempt to create a penis in young females, is horrible surgery. It never works. The urinary track is harmed. The patients have chronic urinary tract infections.

There is not a single credible scientific study that shows transgender surgery or hormone blocking therapies are beneficial. A Dayton newspaper recently cited some “science”. It took me 30 seconds to expose it as junk science. One of the authors is a Brown University transgender professor.

Joe Biden’s agenda is sheer evil and must be stopped.

Update February 11, 2023- Many states are now banning the procedures. That was not the case when I gave these talks. I was a leader sticking my neck out.

  • South Dakota set to ban performing extreme transgender procedures on minors
  • Missouri’s AG announces an investigation into The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
  • ‘Sickening’: Josh Hawley To Launch Investigation Into Gender Clinic Over Alleged ‘Child Abuse,’ ‘Forced Sterilization’
  • Montana has banned reassignment surgery for minors.

Update March 24, 2023-

  • Georgia bans sex changes for minors
  • WV bans it: Jim Justice on his decision to sign legislation banning “gender-affirming care” for minors in West Virginia: “We have to protect our kids.”
  • Florida bans it: @GovRonDeSantis on “gender affirming care”: “…if a physician is doing this to minors, they are going to lose their medical license in our state.”

Plastic Surgeons Comment on Transgender Surgery

Medical transgender barbarism is another crime against humanity

Update December 29, 2023-

  • Governor Mike DeWine has vetoed HB 68, a bill that would protect women’s sports and prevent child mutilation. Fortunately, Ohio has the votes to override the veto.

Update March 12, 2024-

  • Puberty blockers aka sterilization drugs will no longer be prescribed to children in Britain, due to potentially severe negative effects
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