The Declaration of Pandemics

The COVID pandemic of 2020 taught the World many lessons about political agendas subverting sound epidemiological methods based on scientific evidence. It was the worst handled public health response in the history of mankind. In many ways, the opposite steps of what should have been taken were made. For the sake of gaining political advantage during a crisis, it seems that the goals of governments were to maximize death and morbidity rather than mitigate harm. Those mistakes cannot be allowed to happen again.

We have now learned from sworn testimony by White House officials, such as Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, that the policy of staying six-feet away from other humans, or social distancing, was simply fabricated out of the air. It was part of a military-planned psychological operation (“psy-op”) called Warp Speed.

We have now learned that there was never any evidence to mandate the usage of facemasks in schools and public settings. Sworn testimony reveals that is was part of the Warp Speed psy-op.

We have now learned that the wrong cohorts were quarantined. Instead of isolating the sick, the entire population was locked down in their homes and schools were closed. Not only did that policy not work at “flattening the curve” of COVID cases, but these measures also had catastrophic consequences to physical and mental health. Education in schools was set back by years, with low income children being affected the most.

We have now learned that hospitals were wrangled by federal incentives to shut down in unison. Never before have hospitals turned away sick people out of fear and cowardice by the hospital workers.

We have now learned that hospitals were motivated to fabricate causes of death and generate bogus COVID diagnoses. Hospitals saw spikes in profits after 2020.

We have now learned that the federal government orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign under the Warp Speed psy-op to demonize life-saving early treatment drugs in order to promote their preferred gene therapies that they called “vaccine”. Those gene therapies were entirely ineffective while also being deadly. The modified mRNA technology is fatally flawed.

We have now learned that the SARS-CoV-2 virus (i.e. “COVID”) was manufactured in, and leaked from, one of many illegal bioweapons labs that the United States of America is funding around the world. Those labs have always been prone to lab leak accidents.


We the People of the United States of America hereby declare that no such actions shall be allowed to occur again.

All laboratories funded by the United States government engaging in gain-of-function bioweaponry shall be shuttered.

No government shall be engaged in any psy-op nudge or influencing campaigns to control the dissemination of medical literature.

No form of widespread closures of schools and businesses shall ever be used again as a measure to mitigate infectious disease spread. Closures do not work and are highly harmful.

No government or industry shall mandate the use of vaccines or facemasks. They do not work to mitigate the spread of disease.

Natural immunity is the only known effective method for ending an airborne virus outbreak.

No drug development, including vaccines, shall be expedited directly into large-scale public use without proper safety and efficacy trials in large cohorts of humans. The Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention will be obeyed.

No government shall collude with any form of news or media to promote any form of narrative or propaganda related to an infectious disease.

No government shall collude with any peer-reviewed medical journal to promote a narrative.

Hospitals should not be motivated by perverse incentives to concoct diagnoses, manipulate mortality data, or turn away the sick.

No state governor or other state/city health officials shall have the authority to close any business or school, levy any fines, or mandate any therapy unless they obey by the terms above.

No political election date or method of collecting ballots shall be altered by the existence of an infectious disease outbreak.

Martial law or suspension of normal laws shall not be honored based on the pretext of a pandemic.

The proper way to mitigate the spread of a future airborne infectious disease is to:

Quarantine only those proven to be sick.

Natural immunity should be allowed to take its course.

All available early-treatment drugs should be made available.

We the leaders and citizens of the United States of America, represented by the signatures below, declare all of the statements and facts listed above to be true. We swear to follow the United States Constitution and other laws that allow us to resist any illegal actions attempted during a time of crisis caused by infectious disease outbreaks. Only American law applies and no foreign treaties shall be honored.  


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  1. Margaret McGregor says:

    I agree totally.

  2. Bill says:

    I agree with this.

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  5. Linnea Comstock says:

    I agree with this document’s statement.

  6. Joy Smith says:

    I strongly agree. How do we widely circulate this?

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