Bill O’Reilly’s flagrantly sexist comments about Senator Elizabeth Warren

December 16, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

As cable TV ratings fall across the board, and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly ages and loses his foothold as the most watched show on Fox, he seems to be pandering to his white conservative base more and more. Shows, such as the Daily Show and Bill Maher, used to be the watchdogs that would “Call foul” when Mr. O’Reilly went off the deep end, but they are now too cozy with him and seem to be unwilling to do their media oversight jobs. Therefore, I will.

Tonight, Mr. O’Reilly reacted to the growing popularity of Senator Elizabeth Warren, the toughest critic of Wall Street crony capitalism who also resonates well with “far right” Tea Party members. Yet, Mr. O’Reilly smeared her repeatedly as “far left”.

In his talking points, Bill stated the he had no idea what Senator Warren’s views are on fighting terrorism or Vladimir Putin, yet he showed is flagrant sexism by doubting her ability to stand up to bad actors because she is a “liberal woman”. That, by definition, is sexism.

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