CMMI Haters Make a Website!

Stop CMS Cuts !May 15, 2016- Bruce Quinn, MD PHD posted on his “Discoveries in Health Policy” blog this follow-up to our 2012 reporting on Obamacare’s CMMI pork project.

“In March 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation announced a nationwide program to abruptly change drug payment policy for the agency (article and links here).   CMMI had traditionally run relatively small demo’s, but realized it had the legal authority, via a petite phrase tucked into the law, to waive any Medicare law it wants to.   (This is like getting one wish, and the wish is, to have as many wishes as you want.)

At the home page domain STOP CMS CUTS an elaborate website now exists…”

Inside ObamaCare’s Grant-Making: CMMI

Pork Is Clogging CMMI’s Arteries

CMMI Director leaves after Healthcare Channel investigates

Senate Finance Committee hearing on CMMI

NY Times reports that CMMI “research” is junk science

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