Essay: The real villain in the New Zealand massacre is the video game industry

March 20, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I normally protect my soul by not watching grotesque videos. I have never seen the films of people jumping from the WTC towers on 9/11. I have not watched the gruesome beheadings and immolations by ISIS.

But the live streaming of the New Zealand mosque mass shooting intrigued me. I was curious what it looked like.

It is exactly what you would expect because we have all seen first-person shooting video games. It was not a shock at all. It was ho-hum to view, until one realizes that it is not a computer video game but real people!

That is the problem. It is a well-proven scientific fact that humans emulate what they see on the screen. Images of violence desensitize us.

Every young male school shooter was a loaner who watched too many video games. I would bet a lot of money that the New Zealand shooter was addicted to video games.

Other than the shooter, the real villain in the New Zealand massacre was the video game industry. They make billions by peddling this dangerous stuff.

After the Miami school shooting, President Trump quietly convened a panel to discuss the dangers of violent video games. He needs to take action. It would be politically popular and the NRA would endorse it.

Aside, it was also clear from the video that New Zealand, like most of Europe, with its lenient laws and no death sentence, enables these nuts. No cops showed up during the 16-minute massacre.

The shooter drove away as he shot through his car windows. He was not trying to escape. He wanted to be caught. His jail cell will likely be very comfortable.

In Norway, the 2011 mass shooting perpetrator will not even spend his life behind bars. He is due for mandatory release.

Also evident from the video is how soft targets, such as schools, churches, etc. need to have armed guards.

And finally, there is no place in civilian society for assault weapons. Period. They will not help prevent a violent government invasion of your rights. Your rights have already been stolen, silently, through globalist corporations and lobbyists who corrupted congress. Assault weapons only serve as tools for paranoids and homicidal maniacs.

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