A proposal to screen for mass shooters

August 5, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

President Trump today announced plans to have the Department of Justice create guidelines to screen for high-risk potential mass shooters. He correctly mentioned that violent video games are a risk factor.

I have been writing about this problem for a decade. I have interviewed the researchers who have published in credible journals, such as JAMA and the NEJM. Credible science shows that violence seen on big screens or through video games triggers real violent behavior. Also, antidepressants increase suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions.

Based on that, and the long pattern of mass shootings, this is what I would recommend for the DOJ to look into as possible screening criteria:

A) Anyone posting violent comments are “Dark Web” chat rooms, such as 4Chan and 8Chan. Most people have never heard of these sites, much less posted on them. Normal Facebook and other social media comments that have been flagged would also trigger a screening process.

B) Of the above, those who are single males in their 20’s considered to be “loners” by peers

C) Of the above, those who have received psychiatric treatment and medications. If anyone has A though C, then they deserve police manpower devoted to them for further investigation.

D) Of the above, anyone who is an avid player of violent video games would be placed on a high-risk watch.

E) Of the above, anyone with A through D who then purchases a gun and/or ammunition should be questioned by police and monitored.

For people who have already been through the legal system, with a history of violence or serious mental illness, they should be banned from purchasing guns. Laws making gun shops liable for selling to such individuals are required as well.

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