I told you so: Tony Fauci and the CDC flat out lied to us about face masks not being useful

June 18, 2020- Tony Fauci is now openly admitted that he lied to the country early in the pandemic when he said that wearing a mask was of no use (see video). How many people in nursing homes contracted the virus because a nurse was not wearing a mask? This man should be sued.

I was the first person in the country to state on any large media platform that they were lying to us. On April 2, I said this on the Joe Piscopo show:

JOE PISCOPO: No mask or . . . to mask or not to mask?

GREER: Yes! I forgot, thanks for reminding me. Is-Is I’ve been telling everybody to wear a mask, and here’s—and this is not a conspiracy theory, it’s absolutely true and it’s provable—is they’ve been lying to us in a massive propaganda campaign, literally. It’s not-I’m not using those words lightly, to prevent a run on the stockpile for, you know, first responders, nurses, doctors, and stuff. Well that’s an understandable reason, but you can never excuse mass propaganda.

It’s a slippery slope, and you know. They’ve been lying to us. Masks, even if  . . . it doesn’t have to be a surgical mask. You can put a handkerchief around your mouth, which is what they’re doing out in Los Angeles now. And it works for two reasons: it prevents you from touching your own face, and it prevents particles and droplets if you cough despite what people say.

So, absolutely wear a mask and you have to go outside to get groceries and stuff. So, people are leaving the house, and when you leave the house put a handkerchief, a mask, anything around your face and wear gloves at the same time. And those will do two very effective things: prevents from spreading or contacting it.

JOE PISCOPO: Wow. Dr. Greer, this is the most vital 20 minutes we’ve done on the radio,

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