What you need to know about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccines

Update March 22, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Tucker Carlson interviewed a surgeon who stated what I have known for many months. The signal we are seeing is that these coronavirus vaccines can be deadly to people who have recently contracted the actual virus. It causes a hyperimmune or autoimmune reaction.

I posted an exclusive story that everyone ignored. President Trump’s original doctor, Harold Bornstein, contracted the actual native virus and then for unknown reasons took the Pfizer vaccine. He died 23-hours later. This is from first-hand information. There are numerous other stories like that.

This is why I devised perhaps the only program of its kind at NYU. Using a highly credible study in the New England Journal from Iceland, we use three different antibody assays to see whether or not a patient has truly come across the coronavirus in the wild (all other medical centers’ antibody tests only look at one antibody type and deliver high false-negative results). Based on that, it helps determine whether or not the vaccine is safe or not safe. Also, if they have come across the virus and have antibodies, then they do not need the vaccine at all in the first place.

Update February 10, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

When President Trump was early in his administration, he used an eccentric Manhattan doctor named Harold Bornstein. The Healthcare Channel has exclusively learned that Dr. Bornstein died in January of 2021 just 23-hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Importantly, he had already contracted the actual virus and recovered. Therefore, he had antibodies to the virus.

The evidence is growing that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines pose a lethal risk of autoimmune reactions to people who already have antibodies in their blood stream from previous encounters with the wild virus. One theory is that pathogenic priming could be the cause of the bad reactions to the vaccines.

January 24, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In the news today is yet another California person who died after receiving a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccine. Also, a healthy Hank Aaron received his first of the Moderna vaccine on January 5, with public fanfare, and then died. There has been no official statement on his cause of death. This, along with other reports of deaths, has many people asking me in private whether or not the vaccine is something they should receive.

This is what we know:

  • The CDC is concealing the adverse reaction data on the various vaccines. However, based on some data that has been released, we do know shows that this vaccine has 50-times the rate of adverse reactions compared to normal flu shots.
  • The actual clinical trials were jokes due to “operation warp speed” allowing the trials to cut corners and not collect proper data.
  • We know that the adverse reactions are high from the data published that was buried in supplemental appendices.
  • More than two dozen people in Norway have died after receiving the vaccine.
  • Numerous people in the U.S. have died after receiving the vaccine and the propaganda media is not reporting it. This is a healthy doctor who died after the vaccine and the mainstream media ignored it.
  • California is looking into the dangers of the vaccine based on the above.
  • Pathogenic priming could be the cause of the bad reactions to the vaccines.

The initial research for these vaccines came from Tony Fauci’s NIH. In 2011, his op-ed justifying the controversial gain-of-function research (i.e. to create weapons of mass destruction by genetically engineering viruses) stated that his lab research would allow them to make drugs and vaccines better. Since 2020, Fauci has been trying to act like the savior to a pandemic (that he created in his labs) by claiming his NIH helped create the vaccine. It is like an arsonist calling the fire department.

This is what I am recommending to people who ask:

First, one must weight the risk of the vaccines against the benefits. For the vast majority of people, they have little risk of dying from the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan coronavirus. The survival rate is over 99% without medications. Children, in particular, are of virtually no risk from the virus. Moreover, if an infected person receives the proper medications early (i.e. remdesivir, Vitamin D, zinc, antibiotics, blood thinners, monoclonal antibodies or plasma, etc.), I believe that no one of any age or risk factor should die from the virus.

For the others at risk (i.e. elderly, immunocompromised, COPD, diabetes, etc.) or who work with those at risk, the vaccine makes sense. However, before receiving the vaccine, they should have a proper antibody test to evaluate IgG, IgM, and IgA. If they have antibodies, then they are immune from past contact with the virus (published report here and here). Anyone stating otherwise is spewing politically driven propaganda. An antibody-positive result would also increase the chance for an autoimmune reaction against the vaccine, and should make the person think twice about receiving the vaccine. For people who are antibody-negative, the vaccine is probably prudent for peace of mind and to allow them to go back to work.

Update August 31, 2023-

New study tested humans who had received the COVID gene therapy “vaccines” and found that the man-made, or recombinant, spike protein was still being made by the host cells at least 6-months after injection. This means that the “vaccines” are gene therapies that permanently alter your genes.

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