Where are those fancy new oral pills from Pfizer and Merck?

January 8, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The Omicron variant is milder but still causing tremendous economic and psychological damage. Schools are closing again all over the word. Millions of people were unable to visit their families over the holidays due to tens of thousands of flight cancellations. Unelected officials in Australia and Europe are using Omicron as an excuse to become even more totalitarian. Australia, for example, is literally jailing tennis stars who had vaccine exemptions. Now, the U.S. is following their lead. New York vaccine mandate enforcement has led to the NYPD arresting people who dared not show their papers.

Meanwhile, the vaccines are no longer working. In fact, they are very likely causing the vaccinated to be more likely to become sick from the virus, and are certainly causing adverse events in many.

Wait. There has been some good news. On December 22nd, the FDA approved Pfizer’s oral pill to treat COVID. A few days later, Merck’s was approved too. Many credible doctors advocated for ivermectin and other pills to treat COVID, but those were smeared. Now, we have kosher drugs blessed by Big Pharma (There has also been newly approved monoclonal antibody drugs by AstraZeneca and Glaxo Smith Kline). So, where are they? What is going on?

The Pfizer-controlled legacy news has ignored therapies other than booster shots. There have been vague stories without any citation of sources claiming that there is a supply shortage of the new pills due to “complex manufacturing”. Therefore, under that pretext, the federal government will have to insert itself into the distribution process, just as it did to cut off supply of monoclonal antibody drugs to Florida.

However, there is no evidence to support that the new COVID pills are too complex to make in volumes adequate to meet demand. They are what the industry calls “small-molecule” drugs, as opposed to large-molecule drugs, like the monoclonal antibodies that require genetically engineered organism to produce. In my 25-years of covering the drug and biotech industries as a Wall Street analyst and investor, I have never seen a small-molecule pill unable to be manufactured as long as the demand existed. Big Pharma is exquisitely skilled at reaping profits.

It is my belief that the failure to launch the new COVID pills is the result of supply-chain sabotage by the Biden administration in order to maintain the narrative that vaccines are the only way to stop the pandemic. If I am correct, then this is yet another crime against humanity.

These are some of the headlines just since the oral pills were approved.

School systems around the world debate new closures as omicron spreads – The Washington Post

3,200-Plus Schools Closed for Omicron Despite Low Risk

Omicron cases surge: More than 4,000 children hospitalized nationwide, report says | Fox News

Hong Kong Bans Flights, Shuts Nightlife After Omicron Bursts Pandemic-Free Bubble – WSJ

U.S. Hit With Record Number of New Covid-19 Cases – WSJ

Omicron Pushes Daily Covid-19 Cases Higher, Disrupts Holiday Travel – WSJ

28,000 canceled flights later, airlines still looking for upper hand against omicron, weather- Wash Post

All of the disruptions and hysteria reported above could have been prevented if Americans were calmed by knowing that outpatient oral therapies were available from pharmacies. This all could have been prevented, I believe.

Even if my hunch turns out to be just a “right-wing conspiracy theory”, then that still does not excuse the complete neglect by Biden of oral therapies. Where is the “Warp Speed” effort to treat COVID?

When the new congress takes over in 12-months, there needs to be multiple special counsels appointed to investigate these crimes against humanity. The people in the Executive Branch controlling senile Biden must be held accountable.

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