Are the so-called mRNA vaccines actually nano-particles?

Diagram from “Speeding COVID-19 Drug Discovery with Quantum Dots”, Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

March 16, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

This is a developing story that no one in the mainstream news or podcast-ville is talking about. It turns out that these so-called mRNA vaccines might not be injecting mRNA at all. They might be nano-particles, which is a well known Department of Defense technology (The same DoD that created the man-made COVID virus and vaccine to match).

First, people have analyzed the vials and they found no messenger RNA. Steve Kirsch has been the most vocal about this.

Now, a medical doctor posted a story on Substack with published papers to back it up. The vaccines, she claims, are nano-particles mimicking the deadly spike protein of the SARS-COV-2 (COVID) virus. The particle also have fluorescent capability that allows the DoD to track the humans who have received the injections.

The post includes the smoking gun. The Director of the NIH, Francis Collins, wrote an article for an NIH website that details the Quantum Dot technology. He showed how they can created nano-particle spike proteins to mimic SARS-COV-2.

I have a medical colleague who treats military personnel. He said that a patient witnessed at a German airport people being screened for their vaccine status. One soldier was pulled aside and a fluorescent lamp was shone upon his deltoid. It did not light up and the screener said that the man had not received the vaccine. Emerald Robinson has exposed the Luciferase component in the vaccines.

From autopsies or funeral home embalmers, those long things taken from arteries and veins that look like blood clots are not actual blood clots. They are nano-particles that assemble into masses, it seems.

I know from my research days 25-years ago at NYU that messenger-RNA is very difficult to work with. It is unstable. Even in a laboratory, the molecule will fall apart and make experiments fail. Therefore, I thought it was pretty amazing that they somehow got mRNA to work on a mass scale so that CVS or Walmart pharmacists could administer it, as opposed to high-tech labs at a medical center.

Also, Hollywood has been in bed with the CIA going back to the 1960s. All of those spy movies get their plot straight from the CIA as part of propaganda. Zero Dark Thirty, for example, was criticized as being CIA propaganda to cover up for their torture protocols. The most recent James Bond film, No Time to Die, completely changed the script in 2019 after production was underway (The DoD knew about the SARS-COV-2 leak then). The original film director quit. The final product was a plot involving nano-particles in the blood. The CIA was getting ahead of this scandal, trying to control the narrative.

Before you dismiss me, you should know that I disregard much of what I read. However, because of my personal experiences, this story caught my attention.

(Note about the author: Steven E. Greer, MD has been correct about everything we now know to be true regarding COVID, and he said it years ahead of others. Greer knows. Greer always knows.)


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