Has Bobby Kennedy’s campaign been infiltrated by intelligence operations?

March 14, 2024- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Many of you are aware that I was very much involved with the Bobby Kennedy, Jr. campaign about a year ago, even before he officially launched his campaign in April at a Boston event. I attended that event and saw see red flags right away.

Bobby Kennedy has genuine conspiracy theorists amidst his inner circle. They have good intentions, but are gullible.

When Bobby created his Children’s Health Defense, it was staffed mostly by mothers, and some fathers, who had children with autism. They were vulnerable to irrational and illogical thought. In my view, Children’s Health Defense morphed into a quasi-cult. I wrote this essay about it.

After the April, 2023 campaign launch, the Kennedy people viewed me as a credible aid to the cause. They knew of my Wall Street background and my Tony Fauci book. I was invited to be part of the campaign Zoom calls with the co-chairs, etc.

When I started to attempt throw my own fundraiser in Palm Beach, I realized his campaign was being run by amateurs. I sent my first critical email to leadership. They ended up firing some key people and hiring professional fundraisers.

The final straw for me was when I created a highly successful video interview with Sucharit Bhakdi and Kevin McKernan. It was the first interview with both men and the first time that the Pfizer and Moderna shots were called “gene therapies” that had to be removed from the market.

I made that video with a little bit of help from Mary Holland, who was formerly the President of Children’s Health Defense. I thought it would be nice to let them use the video on their platform. But then some strange things began to happen. Some mysterious people (I still don’t know their names) sabotaged the effort. Mary Holland, Brian Hooker, and others did not know why they did it. That is when I severed ties with The Kennedy campaign and Children’s Health Defense.

Then, I got a call out of the blue from some lady who was hired to work for a PAC helping the Kennedy campaign. Someone from the Kennedy campaign had given her my name. I thought that it might be a good way for me to continue helping Bobby while not be associated with his crazy people.

Well, to make a long story short, I learned that this PAC was actually staffed by Children’s Health Defense people. That made no sense. If they were supposedly raising millions of dollars, why couldn’t they hire their own people?

Then, when Congress released some of the Jeffrey Epstein files this year, I did a name search and I found that the person running this PAC was on the list of people mentioned during the Epstein case depositions. Around the same time, anticipating this release of documents, Bobby Kennedy told the press that he had taken some Jeffrey Epstein flights.

More recently, I have been noticing a mystery person appearing in academic papers and congressional round tables talking about the harm done by the vaccines. I believe this person was one of the key people at Children’s Health Defense who helped sabotage me.

When you look into this person’s background, you find nothing to explain how they Rose to prominence. This person is not a biological scientist. It seems that this person only has some shady degree from an Israeli university.

This morning, I saw a video of the recent Senator Ron Johnson hearing. This mystery person was there too. There is no way that this person should have been given a seat at the table but for the backing by Children’s Health Defense.

Then, it all made sense. I believe that this person is a stooge of the Israeli and American spy complex.

Bobby Kennedy is 10-times the threat to the Deep State that Donald Trump is. This “Blob” complex murdered his father and his uncle. Bobby Kennedy, Jr. has been very open about wanting to shut down the CIA, etc.

So, of course they are going to infiltrate Bobby’s campaign just as they did Trump’s. In fact, it would be absolutely incredulous and shocking if they had NOT infiltrated Bobby’s inner circle.

This Blob has infiltrated the soft target of the Children’s Health Defense, who were just a bunch of dopey soccer moms and dads with autistic children, and used that as the means to infiltrate Bobby Kennedy, Jr. That is my hunch.

I believe that the CIA does not want to be too close to this operation. So, they have outsourced it to Israel.

New leadership at Children’s Health Defense are associated with Israel. When a video leaked from a Kennedy fundraising dinner, where he properly explained that the COVID virus was designed to be less virulent to certain genetic groups, such as Jews, he was attacked by the state-sponsored media. When someone from Children’s Health Defense reached out to Elon Musk for some sort of help, and were rebuffed, an Israeli lady affiliated with CHD made an attack video claiming Elon was a globalist Trojan horse. Bobby’s former campaign Chairman was Dennis Kucinich, who has been critical of Israel. Someone pressured Bobby to fire him.

I gave my theory to a senior person at Children’s Health Defense this morning. They seemed to think it was plausible and thanked me for my heads up.

Why should you find anything I say to be credible? I am the first person to state in writing that the Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was a fraud. Peter Pronovost still praises me for that. I was the first person to state that Jeffrey Epstein was not a hedge fund manager and that Les Wexner was his source of money (search this brief for “Epstein”). In my Wall Street career, I was the first person to currently spot numerous opportunities to trade stocks.

I know how to spot frauds and scams. Greer knows. Greer always knows.

With that, I sign off with my usual disclaimer, which is that I am not suicidal, I do not have kiddie porn on my computer, and I do not use deadly illicit drugs.

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  1. LB says:

    Sounds like what happened to James O’Keefe at Project Veritas….

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