Greer v. Lancet 23-20538-cv 5th Cir. 2023

December 3, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

My Appellant Brief was filed. Here it is.

February 16, 2024-

The Opinion came in and I won. The lower court decision was vacated and the case was sent back (remanded) to be heard properly. Here is the Opinion.

It is confusing, however, because I had motioned the court to enjoin The Lancet to publish the ventilator mortality data paper. The opinion ignored that.

That’s OK, though. It will be published in a big way soon. Stay tuned.

(This was my closing page in the Appellant brief)MMarch 10, 2024-

Prominent COVID activist Steve Kirsch announced that he is suing Springer medical publisher for doing the same thing that Elsevier’s Lancet did to me. They are using my same cause of action too, which is FRAUD.

Now, we need a state attorney general to step up, because the de facto defendants are the same three-letter agencies that are defendants as in Missouri v. Biden.

April 14, 2024-

As a direct result of this litigation, and lobbying, The House initiated the process of holding a hearing to interview the editors of The Lancet, Nature, and Science. However, The Lancet and Nature refused to participate.

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