The DOJ Charges Whistleblower Doctor with Felonies after Exposing Texas Hospital Performing Gender Reassignment Surgeries

June 7, 2024- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In a move that is as chilling as the false prosecution of President Trump, the DOJ has now charged a whistleblower medical doctor  in Texas, Eithan Haim, with felonies for exposing a Texas Children’s Hospital for performing gender reassignment surgeries on children. What is the bogus crime? They claim he violated HIPAA.

The Texas medical mafia is very powerful. It was why counties around Houston, for example, are Democrat strongholds. Dr. Haim is now being brought down by the cartel.

Will Governor Abbott do anything to help him? Will Texas AG Paxton sue the DOJ?

In the video above, I was one of the few MD’s in Ohio to speak out against these barbaric surgeries. That was in 2022. Ohio has now banned the procedures.

June 18, 2024-

The Biden Administration sent two FBI agents to intimidate a nurse who told the truth about the child sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital. The regime is mobilizing to threaten and imprison anyone who opposes “transgender medicine.”


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