Update on the DEA’s efforts to curb the “pain pill mill” problem in Florida

March 7, 2012  By Steven Greer, MD

We previously interviewed Special Agent Mark Trouville, the DEA agent in charge of tackling the rampant abuse of prescription opioid pain pills in Florida, and the “pain pill mill” system. Since then, the State of Florida passed laws making it harder for doctors to operate the illegal clinics, and the results have been dramatic.

In one year, the number of oxycodone pills ordered by physicians has declined 97%. Most of those pills were traveling out of the State of Florida to the rest of the country. In addition to bad doctors and the dispensing pain pill mill clinics, the DEA has also addressed higher up the food chain and shut down a Cardinal Health distribution center for allegedly looking the other way, still shipping to CVS pharmacies that were distributing too many pain pills to reasonably meet the demand of the region.



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