Exclusive: CEO of Komen for the Cure never stepped down as announced in 2012

June 6, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD

The breast cancer research foundation Komen for the Cure, founded by Nancy Brinker, got into hot water in 2012 when it stopped funding Planned Parenthood centers. The outcry from abortion activists and bad publicity caused donations to fall more than 30%. Recently, it was announced that many of the cities that had participated in the Walk for the Cure will no longer be doing so.Komen website shwing CEO title

In an attempt to stop the bleeding, Komen for the Cure announced that the CEO, Nancy Brinker, was departing the philanthropy and stepping down as CEO. The Healthcare Channel has learned that Ms. Brinker never left her CEO job, and in fact has a nearly $200,000 increase in her salary. The website (click image on right for full screen) still lists her as CEO, and makes no reference of her as being an “acting” or “interim” CEO.

When asked why the CEO is still on the job, a Komen spokesperson replied, “In 2012, we announced that Nancy would step into another role once a new president/CEO was named. She remains in that role while the executive search continues.”

Regarding the salary increase for Ms. Brinker, the Komen spokesperson replied, “Nancy last received a raise in 2010 – she did not take a raise in 2011 and 2012 and won’t receive one this year, either. (The raise) occurred long before the Planned Parenthood issue, not the year that it occurred. This seems to be what everyone gets confused about.” Based on the 2011 calendar year “Form 990”, made public in calendar year 2012, her 2011 salary was $684,717, compared to a 2010 salary of $417,171. Brinker’s 2012 salary in not yet known to the public. Four other Komen executives earn salaries in excess of $300,000.

(Click chart below for full screen)

Komen Cure 990 salaries

June 18, 2013- Nancy Brinker was finally ousted as CEO. According to the WSJ, “Judith Salerno will fill the top slot and begin her transition this summer. The 61-year-old physician was the chief executive and chief operating officer of the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine. At Komen, she will report to the organization’s 10-person board of directors, which includes founder and outgoing CEO Nancy Brinker.

New CEO Judith Salerno, left, is shown with Nancy Brinker, the founder who is stepping down as head of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Ms. Brinker will become a goodwill ambassador and head fundraiser as “chair of global strategy,” and will report to Dr. Salerno, Komen spokeswoman Andrea Rader said. Ms. Rader wouldn’t disclose Ms. Brinker’s new compensation, but said it would be less than the $648,717 she received, including a bonus, in the tax year ending in March 2012, according to the most recently available Internal Revenue Service documents.”

How genuine of a departure this move is remains to be seen. Ms. Brinker will be leading the board, and the CEO will report to the board, all of which was chosen by Brinker.

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