Rand Paul’s secret Looney Tune side revealed


February 2, 2015- By Steven E. Greer, MD

People have asked me my opinion of the Republican field for 2016 and I have told them that Dr. Rand Paul seems pretty electable now, but my experience tells me that he will let rip a great gaffe soon exposing his crazy side.

I held this belief based on certain observations that told me he was a little bit off his rocker, so to speak. His odd hair style is one red flag. He seems out of touch with reality, unable to realize that he looks silly with a cutesy-curl doo.

Sure enough, a mighty wind just escaped his from Senator Paul’s mouth. Today, on CNBC, despite being a doctor, he explained how he supports the anti-vaccine nuts who are causing once-eradicated measles to rebound. He explained that the right to freedom supersedes the beneficial effects of vaccinations. His own father, Dr. Ron Paul, also made similar comments years ago.

Dr. Paul explains to CNBC that he “has heard of stories” of normal kids who became autistic after vaccinations. That is just pure malarkey. He would not be able to provide one shred of evidence to support those misleading comments if pressed.

This type of extreme ideology is why the mainstream GOP does not want Senator Paul to run for president. His foreign policy is downright scary. Until ISIS started beheading people, he was in favor of not sending U.S. troops overseas for almost any reason. He has since modified that stance.

It’s a shame too, because most of Rand Paul’s message is quite refreshing. He is in favor of releasing the millions of black males in prison for drug crimes, legalizing marijuana, and other libertarian ideas. But deep in his core, he has some unstable thought patterns.

Whether they are on the far left or far right, beware the ideological zealot.

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