A personal medical mystery solved

presbyopiaJanuary 30, 2016- by Steven E. ROSHE TWO Greer, MD I have been told since I was a surgery resident that I have a peculiar style of writing patient chart notes. Under Armour Curry 3 The left margin of my notes is several centimeters greater than any other person writing in the chart. adidas gazelle femme haute Also, as I write, I twist my neck to the right, making my left eye closer to the pages. All of my eye exams have been normal. asics gel stratus hombre I recently had a new exam and the optometrist said something that caught my eye, so to speak. Jordan 11 enfants She mentioned how, even at close distances, when I take off my negative-diopter myopia glasses to read, since my two eyes are off by a full diopter, that I will not see evenly in each eye. She was right. I did some measurements. The optimal acuity for my left eye is about 10-cm closer than my right eye because the myopia in my left eye is one diopter worse. nike air max 1 femme beige So, in order to see evenly, I need to twist my head, making the eyes different distances from the object in view. I might finally start using proper transition lenses rather than taking off the glasses to read. asics tiger uomo My mid-range viewing is also bad when I wear normal single-vision lenses. Cam Robinson Jersey So, after all of these years, I know why I have such a peculiar style of writing in patient charts. I don’t have hemianopsia or anything exotic. I just need glasses. Nike Air Max Command Homme If you know any surgery colleagues who hunch over the open wound to see as they operate, or do other bizarre things, have them check their vision.

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