Why Americans should care deeply about the loss of freedom in other countries

June 9, 2019- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Making the news today is how a Canadian man was actually arrested for the crime of grossly insulting a celebrity wife of a Toronto Raptor basketball player while he was being interviewed on TV. Why should any American care about this?

In the UK, freedom of speech is nonexistent. Activist Tommy Robinson was jailed in a scary prison for the crime of reporting on a trial of Muslim men who raped women in his country. Why should any American care about this?

These two incidents represent the state of censorship and fascism now prevalent all over the world. It is not just Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea who run dictatorship regimes empowered by violent fascist intolerance of dissent. Our so-called allies in Europe and Canada do the same.

This is exactly the type of government that Hitler and his Nazis would have run had they won. We defeated on the battlefield the Nazis and imperial Japanese in World War Two, but a concept not well appreciated is that every war leaves scars. Every defeated opponent influences the victor.

For example, Osama bin Laden was eventually killed, but his attack on 9/11/2001 stripped us of freedoms when George W Bush’s Cheney got the Patriot Act passed, allowing the spy agencies to use kangaroo court FISA judges to rubber stamp warrants to spy on the entire U.S. population. We are also in never-ending wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, to name a few, as a direct result of 9/11.

Although Woodrow Wilson pioneered propaganda during World War One, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill carried on in World war Two, it is Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, Paul Joseph Goebbels, who shamelessly adopted it as official policy. America’s annoying little First Amendment of the constitution prevented the Western Allies from being so ostentatious about it.

Make no mistake. Our CIA and the British spy agencies took notes from Goebbels and tried many times to use propaganda to win surrogate wars in Korea, Vietnam, Central America, and elsewhere. Our own Deep State wants to abolish the First Amendment just as much as if the Nazis were running the country.

What is preventing the U.S. establishment of judges, politicians, and permanent Deep State from more openly stifling views using police force, as we have seen in Canada and the UK? It is social norms that keep them at bay. However, when the norms of Western democracies as close as Canada wade into flagrant censorship and fascism, and get away with it, it emboldens our closeted fascists in this country.

Censorship is now official policy at the Big Tech multinational companies of Twitter, Google, Facebook, and a growing number of other companies. It started by censoring horrible human beings, such as Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos. Then, the slippery slope rapidly entrapped other legitimate voices of populism, such as BatteryPark.TV.

In New York City, we have seen unabashed censorship. The BPCA retaliated against BatteryPark.TV. During the citywide elections of 2017, Mayor de Blasio had his NYPD security detail, much akin to the Nazis SS, openly search women’s purses and confiscate political fliers of opponents. Before the 2016 election, when Wikileaks was becoming a thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton, she and Obama had their teams of corrupt prosecutors around the world file bogus rape charges against Julianne Assange and anyone else assisting him.

Last month, a journalist in San Francisco had his home raided for the crime of muckraking into City Hall corruption. The police department was widely commended, but no one lost their job. The boundaries of fascism were tested. Next time, some journalist might be arrested and jailed.

Then, of course, Julianne Assange was evicted from his London embassy haven, promptly arrested on unknown charges, and taken to some secret hiding place. The United States caused this with criminal indictments and requests for extradition. The charges fell under the Espionage Act. However, Assange did not steal the Democrat Committee emails that he released, which embarrassed the Clintons. He merely reported on them, just as the Washington Post did the Pentagon Papers, and the Supreme Court ruled in the 1970’s that the Washington Post did not violate the law.

It is no coincidence that the illegal acts recently occurring in this country took place only after worse acts occurred in Europe. They European fascists all got away with it. Now, the boundaries of what is acceptable censorship and fascism have been expanded in The United States too. It starts by expansions of fascism in surrounding countries. Once those norms are established, the far-left starts to employ the same tactics in this country.

Hopefully, the world is waking up and fighting back. Populism is taking over European nations once stifled by Obama-era fascists hiding the truth of mass immigration, failed socialism, and the debt crisis that never went away after 2008. Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the UK all have new leaders more sympathetic to opposing voices. The United States, of course, has Trump populism that is wildly popular.

However, it remains to be seen whether any of these new leaders will make real efforts to reverse the encroachment of fascism and restore freedom of speech. So far, Trump is all talk and no action. The feckless corrupt congress is taking no action. The courts are siding with the Big Tech companies.

We Americans need to care about what goes on around us. When boundaries are pushed in other Western democracies, American boundaries are also stretched. We do not live in a vacuum inoculated from corruption and fascism around the world.

Ideally, there would be benevolent Deep State agencies charged with defending the First Amendment in this country by fostering freedom of speech abroad. But that would conflict with the ability of secretive agencies to survive. No CIA surrogate war or effort to topple a government will truly be orchestrated with the intent to increase our personal liberties.

Only the aware masses have the power to enforce our unique freedoms that no other nation affords its citizens. The battle against tyranny did not end with the Revolutionary War. Every generation has to fight the same battles to keep the balance between the Yin and the Yang.

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