My experience with Smile Direct Club dental aligners

December 12, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Smile Direct (SDC) is depressed in valuation ($11.5 or market cap $4.4 Billion) due to the pandemic. However, look at the older, more established, Align (ALGN), which is its competition. It has skyrocketed this year alone from $287 to $507 and $40 Billion market cap.

SDC bypasses the dentist, unlike ALGN, which is huge. Not only is that a cost saver, but visiting a dentist is a hassle and they will do harmful X-rays, etc.

The stock is down because they have closed many storefront offices where you get 3D scanned and are relying on home kits to make mold impressions of the mouth. I found those putty molds to be intolerable.

SDC could be a nice long position. I view their key to growth as having many shops in busy malls for awareness. Also, 3D scanning is far superior to their home putty molds.

If SDC can rebound after the scamdemic is over, it could go up several hundred percent.


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