Exclusive: The gender reassignment butchers have taken over my NYU surgery

September 5, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD


One year ago, before the floodgates opened and many people joined the bandwagon, I was a lone voice in Ohio proclaiming that gender reassignment surgery was barbaric. I was invited to speak before the Ohio Board of Education.

As someone with training in plastic surgery, having written a textbook and worked at prestigious NYU Medical Center, I have had pride in my profession. When I spoke to the Ohio Board of Education, I was under the assumption that only fringe quack surgeons were doing this butchery. I thought I held the moral high ground.

Today, I was informed of something very depressing. NYU is openly promoting their own gender reassignment surgery program. They are not even trying to hide it.

I have followed this topic in the news pretty closely. When a medical center has had their program exposed by a blogger, they have hidden their websites and covered their tracks. However, NYU is not doing that. They are boldly advertising.

The NYU Transgender Surgery Team is led by a Johns Hopkins surgery graduate, Rachel Bluebond-Langner. Her boss is Chairman Eduardo Rodriguez.

I also learned something I should have known a long time ago. Larry Fink of BlackRock runs NYU university as well as the medical center as Co-Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Of course, he is also the Chief Financial Officer for the World Economic Forum. The secret groups promoting “trans rights” are part of the Fourth Reich who want to destabilize traditional western values. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Larry Fink’s own hospital is the home base for gender reassignment surgery.

I asked the Chief Medical Officer for NYU as well as the chairman of plastic surgery for a comment. They did not reply.

My questions were:

  • “My first question is how you justify the benefits of these procedures. I’m sure you are pointing to medical research. However, I did my own review and found that it is all extremely dubious junk science. Do you disagree with this article I wrote?
  • My second question is how you can possibly claim that a child or even a teenager has the mental capacity to make a decision to permanently sterilize themselves.
  • My third question relates to the efficacy. Regarding bottom surgery, there is an extremely high rate of complications. How can you justify doing those surgeries?
  • My fourth question is about funding. How much are you getting reimbursed for each one of these top or bottom reassignment surgeries?
  • My last question relates to Larry Fink and BlackRock. He is the chief financial officer for the world economic forum. Their agenda includes promoting these procedures. My question is what role has Larry or world economic forum members had an NYU‘s program?”

A prominent plastic surgeon told me that this is highly controversial. Normally, professions like plastic surgery have annual meetings with panels discussions of new trends. However, the gender reassignment panels have been conducted only online to avoid scrutiny. The few panels that have been conducted live have had strict security screening for participants.

One merely has to follow the money to understand why highly-trained surgeons would engage in gender reassignment surgery. The total surgical bill is easily $100,000. That is more than a liver transplant, for example, brings in. Then, the lifelong hormone therapies generate an annuity for the endocrinologists. It all adds up to cha-ching.

These pediatricians, psychologists, ethicists, and surgeons forming “transgender medicine” teams will be on the wrong side of history. The Fourth Reich is failing and gender reassignment surgery will be viewed as barbaric experimentation just like the atrocities of the Nuremberg Trials were.


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  1. E L says:

    Why are you seemingly alone in these conclusions? It makes no sense. All I can conceive of is some end-of-time delusion of Biblical proportions. It’s just sheer willful insanity. Live Not By Lies by Rod Dreher is next on my book purch list.

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