Federal Court of Appeals Rules that FDA Overstepped by Restricting Ivermectin Use

September 2, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In a huge development for medical freedom, the 5th Circuit federal court of appeals rendered its decision on Friday in the case of Doctors v FDA. Here is the full decision, and the original complaint in district court.

The district court dodged the merits of the case and dismissed it claiming that the FDA cannot be sued because it has immunity. This is very common. It is next to impossible to sue a federal agency, but these doctors did it.

This immediately opens the floodgates for people to sue pharmacies and hospitals that refuse to administer ivermectin. Now, the case goes back to the district court for a trial, if it survives another motion to dismiss.

Of note, I told you so. I said that they would win and that the decision would be posted soon. However, it was pretty obvious from listening to the oral arguments.


Ivermectin works against COVID in double blind, randomized, controlled trial

Ivermectin works as an antiviral against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)


Update March 27, 2024-

FDA settles lawsuit over ivermectin content that doctors claimed harmed their practice

Update April 24, 2024-

Way back in September of 2021, I sent the CEO and Chief Medical Office of The Ohio State University, Andy Thomas, a cease-and-desist email about their policy of refusing to administer ivermectin. It was ignored. Since then, all of the above has transpired.

Therefore, I was shocked to learn from my records request that OSU is still classifying ivermectin as a drug that should not be used. Click here for the policy form.

I do not understand why the 5th Cir. ruling, and the FDA settlement of the lawsuit, has not opened the floodgates of lawsuits against the numerous hospitals like OSU. Stay tuned.

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