Donald Trump has Tourette’s Syndrome

Update August 14, 2016 Per my observations 12-months ago, Donald Trump certainly seems to have some sort of condition causing his frontal lobe to not properly screen his impulses. He is poised to lose against Hillary Clinton when he could have easily won, due to his lack of self-control.

August 8, 2015- Opinion by Steven E. Greer, MD Donald Trump has a genuine mental problem, in my opinion. The other day, he was giving a nice phone interview with Fox Business’ Trish Regan, demonstrating humility and humor, which is rare for him. I was thinking to myself, “This guy might not be a psycho after all.

Maybe it’s all just an act.” Then, he had what appears to be some form of a Tourette’s Syndrome spasm where he randomly blurted out how rich he was and how good his schooling was. Huh? It was just weird.

Of course, Trish Regan did not call him out on this. She just laughed. Now, we learn that he did it again. This time, on CNN, Trump was giving another interview and spewed, “You could see there was blood coming out of (Megyn Kelly’s) eyes….Blood coming out of her wherever.”, clearly referring to her period. This was, yet again, an unforced error by Trump.

The GOP promptly uninvited him from an upcoming organized gathering of the candidates. Trump’s controversial comment about Hispanics crossing the border, calling them rapists, was a gamble that worked. It shot him into the lead with white GOP voters.

However, it likely hurt his overall chances in the general election. But there is no chance whatsoever of him winning the presidency if he alienates women. Trump already had too much baggage with women in the general election, with his humiliating beauty pageants that parade women like horses at auction, his numerous divorces, his creepy hair, and his trophy wives. He cannot survive any more damage with the female voters. All of this is unnecessary controversy for Trump. His big gamble with the comments about “Mexicans crossing the border” paid off. He did well in the debate.

He should have just shut up. Instead, his frontal lobe seemed to be asleep and allowed him to spew misogynistic comments about Megyn Kelly. Right now, the most viable candidates for the GOP seem to be Ohio Governor John Kasich and neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

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