The Trump New World Order

March 6, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Last week, President Trump surprised the White House press corps by announcing during a meeting on gun control that he would be placing tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Given that almost all big developments from the White House have been strategically leaked to the press for decades, this caught the spoon-fed lazy journalists off guard.

The mainstream press failed to connect the dots, which were that China is the biggest exporter of steel and aluminum and that the tariffs were a strategic military move. Instead, the TV news propagandists focused in knee-jerk fashion on spinning the tariffs as a negative for Trump; they would be American job killers starting a global trade war.

Today, it is being reported that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un blinked, essentially, and is now willing to meet with the United States to discuss terms for abandoning their nuclear program. Just two weeks prior at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, North Korea cancelled a secret meeting planned with Vice President Pence.

Why the sudden change? Why has North Korea not tested a missile in several months?

Again being completely ignored by the dullards in the mainstream press is the emerging New World Order as created by President Trump. The traditional alliances between communist China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are giving way to alliances with the United States.

President Trump has made it his mission to form a genuine golf-buddy friendship with China’s Xi Jinping, and even publicly support Jinping’s plan to hold onto power for the rest of his life. In exchange, Trump wants the two largest economies of the world, China and the U.S., to offset the threats from Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

The U.S. has been trying for more than a year to use friendship and carrots to sway China into getting serious with neighbor North Korea, but China has been reluctant. It took the threat of tariffs on their exported raw materials to wake them up.

In addition to forming new friendships with China, France, Australia, and others, President Trump has authorized his military, under the control of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, to use force like never before in recent history. For examples, The U.S. shot down a Russian jet in Syria and bombed a Syrian air base, which were moves not authorized under President Obama (Instead, Obama announced a “red line” in Syria and let Syria/Russia cross it.).

More recently, the Trump military has begun aggressive naval operations near North Korea to stop the ships that have been violating embargoes by entering North Korean ports laden with oil and nuclear weapons parts. Going back to George W. Bush and on up to President Obama, no U.S. President has been willing to take such actions against North Korea for fear that Russia or China would retaliate. But the Trump New World Order, with the new relations with China, can finally allow such military maneuvers.

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