I can’t get no satisfaction (from TAVR)

Update April 6, 2019- An expert source told us that Mick Jagger did have genuine aortic stenosis. He was short of breath during a stress test in Miami. He likely received a Sapien 3 valve. He does not seem to have heart block, so he will not need a pacemaker, and his coronary arteries are clean. All in all, he got lucky.

Now, it remains to be seen how long this valve will last. There are no long-term data and the FDA shamefully approved these devices prematurely.

April 1, 2019- by Seven E. Greer, MD

I was right. I wrote over the weekend that it sounded like heart surgery to me when the Rolling Stones cancelled their tour due to Mick Jagger needing medical treatment. Drudge is confirming this.

I hope that he is getting proper advice and not going to get one of these terrible TAVR valves. The fact that he is going to New York means he is likely going to some Marty Leon CRF disciple to have a TAVR valve implanted. If he does, there is a good chance he will also need a pacemaker after that. The valves also do not last very long.

Stroke from TAVR is also a big risk. John Glenn received a TAVR at the Cleveland Clinic and suffered a stroke. He died a year later.

Mick Jagger needs to get a proper “open heart” procedure to replace his bad valve with a long-lasting valve. I hope he finds some satisfaction from this operation.

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